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A story of freshness


Meet SHANNON Evans

Many of our customers have asked who we are and how Uptop Health & Beauty got started. The story begins in 2020 when Shannon decided to find an interesting hobby.


Shannon became increasingly concerned about how many chemicals were present in our skincare products and the adverse effects these chemicals were having on us, our children, and our planet. Inspired by the practices of Dr. Sebi and his belief in using natural remedies that heal, Shannon knew there had to be a way to make lovely all-natural health & beauty products without artificial or synthetic ingredients that would be effective and safe.


After selling her products to friends & family and receiving great feedback for the quality and customer service, she knew she was on to something special. 


Uptop Health & Beauty has now expanded into a full line of natural homemade health & beauty products.

We are proud that we have adhered to our original mission and goal - to make all-natural health & beauty products with nothing artificial or synthetic, no GMO's, just wholesome ingredients you can trust. 


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